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Who We Are

McGregor Tan Research is a national marketing research and strategy planning consultancy with the skills and infrastructure to conduct a variety of projects in all capital cities and regional areas in Australia, and also internationally.

The company is one of the longest established and most experienced research and planning agencies in the country, being first established in Adelaide in 1976 as McGregor Marketing, and later merging with Tan Research to form McGregor Tan Research.

It remains the largest marketing and social research and planning agency with its head office in South Australia, and operates nationally with representation in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin. Our extensive central CATI facilities based in Adelaide allow us to service the entire country, with total quality control in all stages of the fieldwork. This coupled with our large scale consumer and business online panels painstakingly built up over time means that we can accommodate virtually any sized project with confidence.

We have worked in virtually every industry and indeed with most product or service categories over the years. We are able to transfer this knowledge and experience to our clients on customised projects.

We are a full service company committed to team work, with an integrated team of more than 100 dedicated staff and interviewers.

Whatever the size or nature of a project, we adhere to strict timetables and our commitment, at all times, is to achieve excellence.

Our Working Style

McGregor Tan Research has a simple aim - to offer a high quality, premium market and social research and strategy advice service to our clients.

Our underlying philosophy is that market research and strategy advice must be relevant and practical.

We believe that the key is to successfully integrate an understanding of the client's business with an understanding of market needs and wants.

To this end, McGregor Tan Research is prepared to spend time with the client to ensure that the right problem or opportunity is being addressed. From experience, we believe that this approach leads to the formulation of recommendations which are realistic and actionable.

We also hold the view that it is sometimes necessary to work with the client to present the information to the particular decision-makers in the organisation who can actually act on the information. We do this through workshops and PowerPoint presentations at executive and board level.

The firm has a flexible, competitive fee pricing policy, the benefits of which are enjoyed by many of our clients who see us as their main market research supplier.

           Member of the Association of Market & Social Research Organisations